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IKIAM Workshop was inaugurated in Misahualli with the presence of 63 scholars

Dr. Guillaume Long, Minister of Knowledge and Human Talent, inaugurated the IKIAM Workshop in Misahuallí (Napo). The event was attended by national and foreign scientists who will be participating in the workshop until December 8th.

The event brings together 10 Ecuadorians and 53 foreign scholars who will analyze the academic proposal, guiding principles, organizational structure, and research strategies of IKIAM University. Scholars come from renowned universities and research centers in countries from around the world including Ecuador, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Spain, USA, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Venezuela.

Dr Long stressed that since 2007, the Government of Ecuador, is the country in Latin America, that has invested the most in education. Changes were made since 2008 Constitution and through the evaluation of the quality of the Higher Education system in Ecuador. Also, in 2010 the Law on Higher Education established the creation of four flagship universities (IKIAM, Yachay, UNAE, and the University of the Arts) and the gratuity of Education.

The Minister added that the incentives given to Ecuadorians allow democratic and meritocratic access to Education. This guarantees the strengthening of human talent.  The incentives are scholarships and free education in public universities.

IKIAM Workshop is attended by international scholars from excellence universities and research centers. This allows Ecuador to have the greatest exponents of science and biotechnology feeding IKIAM’s academic offer and  the  scope and delimitation of its research areas.

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IKIAM Amazon University gets an Executive order for the processing and publication of Bill for its creation in the Official Register

President  Rafael Correa signed the document in the going of  a Sectorial Cabinet conformed by representatives and public servants from the Presidency, Ministery of Knowledge and Human Talent, Ministery of Treasury, Ministery of Labour Relations, Ministery of Telecommunications, Ministery of Education, Ministery of Culture and Heritage and Senescyt.   

The record of Ikiam received 102 votes in favor from de National Assembly and it also had the approval from Senplades, Ceaaces, and CES. According to Guillaume Long, Minister of Knowledge and Human Talent, once the National Assembly  endorsed this Bill it became a historic milestone in pro of the Higher Education of Ecuador. Thus, Ikiam frames into the pilars towards an academic shift: quality, expedience and democracy.

Dr. Long recollected that the Amazon region did not have high-quality universities. Nowadays, Quito and Guayaquil accumulate more that 60% of the universities and Politécnico centers. Finally, an outstanding public university will be accesible for a vast quantity of people because of its free-cost education system. Furthermore, Ikiam will offer academic leveling programs after the admision process, these conditions show the proper and positive use of public fundings.

Original Article: http://www.conocimiento.gob.ec/presidente-rafael-correa-suscribio-decreto-ejecutivo-de-creacion-de-ikiam/

03-12-2013 Declaraciones del Presidente de la República Eco. Rafael Correa en la Universidad Ikiam (Tena)

Scholars of the most prestigious universities in the world are in Ecuador

About 63 scholars participating in the  IKIAM Amazon University Workshop (IAUW) contribute to the academic development of the institution. In December 1rst representatives from the most prestigious universities in the world arrived to Ecuador  to participate in IAUW – which is going on at Misahaulli (Napo) .

As part of their schedule, during their stay in Ecuador,  the morning of December 2, 2013 , scientists and scholars toured the historic center of Quito. The tour started at the Independence Square where they learned about the liberation wars of the country , including: the first Independence uprising of Ecuador in August 10, 1809.

In the colonial town they visited the Carondelet Palace where the President of the Republic, Rafael Correa, performs his duties. Other visited places  were the Museum of the Cathedral of Quito ,the Company Church, San Francisco Church and its Museum , and the Basilica Church.Holger Fischer, German expert in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development , said he was fascinated by the rich cultural heritage of Ecuador . “We are here to get to know the country and IKIAM , to learn how this great project progresses and that will now have the support of experts from various countries ,” said Fischer.

Another Ikiam Workshop attendee who enjoyed the tour of the historic center of Quito was Lauren O’Connell of Harvard University . “I have come several times to the city but it is the first time I know about its history ,” said the specialist ecological diversity. Her expectation on the Workshop is to work among several academics and researchers in building IKIAM. “I am excited to be part of the integration and unification of science in the new university” she said. In the afternoon , scientists and academics moved to Misahaulli – Tena , where today IKIAM Workshop was inaugurated.

Original Article: http://www.conocimiento.gob.ec/academicos-de-las-mas-prestigiosas-universidades-del-mundo-estan-en-ecuador/




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