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IKIAM Workshop was inaugurated in Misahualli with the presence of 63 scholars

Dr. Guillaume Long, Minister of Knowledge and Human Talent, inaugurated the IKIAM Workshop in Misahuallí (Napo). The event was attended by national and foreign scientists who will be participating in the workshop until December 8th.

The event brings together 10 Ecuadorians and 53 foreign scholars who will analyze the academic proposal, guiding principles, organizational structure, and research strategies of IKIAM University. Scholars come from renowned universities and research centers in countries from around the world including Ecuador, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Spain, USA, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Venezuela.

Dr Long stressed that since 2007, the Government of Ecuador, is the country in Latin America, that has invested the most in education. Changes were made since 2008 Constitution and through the evaluation of the quality of the Higher Education system in Ecuador. Also, in 2010 the Law on Higher Education established the creation of four flagship universities (IKIAM, Yachay, UNAE, and the University of the Arts) and the gratuity of Education.

The Minister added that the incentives given to Ecuadorians allow democratic and meritocratic access to Education. This guarantees the strengthening of human talent.  The incentives are scholarships and free education in public universities.

IKIAM Workshop is attended by international scholars from excellence universities and research centers. This allows Ecuador to have the greatest exponents of science and biotechnology feeding IKIAM’s academic offer and  the  scope and delimitation of its research areas.

Original Article: http://www.conocimiento.gob.ec/workshop-de-ikiam-inicio-en-misahualli-con-la-presencia-de-63-academicos/




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