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Colin M. Lewis


Colin M. Lewis is Professor of Latin American Economic History at the London School of Economics & Political Science, and a Professorial Fellow of the Institute of the Americas, University College London. He has been a visiting professor at several universities in the Americas, Asia and Europe, including the University of São Paulo, Jawaharlal Nehru University, the University of California at Irvine, University of Buenos Aires and Oxford University. He has written various books and articles about development, the history of social protection and the political economy of state formation. He is currently finishing an historical dictionary of the Argentine.

His principal recent publications include: Argentina: A Short History (London 2002); Exclusion and Engagement: Social Policy in Latin America (with C.Abel (eds.), (London 2002);‘“Colonial” Industry and “Modern” Manufacturing: opportunities for labour-intensive growth in Latin America, c.1800-1940’ in Gareth M. Austin & Kaoru Sugihara (eds.) Labour-intensive Industrialisation in Global History (London: Routledge 2012) pp.231-62; (with Peter Lloyd-Sherlock) ‘Social Policy and Economic Development in South America’ Economy and Society XXXVIII 1 (2009) 109-31;‘Las economías de exportación’ in Eduardo Posada Carbó (ed.) Historia General de América Latina: Tomo VII: Los proyectos nacionales – sus instrumentos y articulación (Paris: UNESCO 2009) pp.79-110; (with Andrew Mitchell) ‘Fiscal Policy and External Constraints: state credibility, taxation, public goods and the budget’ in Iwan Morgan & Diego Sánchez Ancochea (eds.) Political Economy of the Public Budget in the Americas (London: Institute for the Study of the Americas 2008) pp.33-59;‘Modernisation and Industrialisation’ in Thomas H. Holloway (ed.) History of Latin America (Oxford: Blackwell, 2008) pp.285-306.

Colin M. Lewis

Colin M. Lewis



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