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Dimitri Karadimas

Dimitri Karadimas , CNRS anthropologist , is Co-Director of the Laboratoire d’ anthropologie sociale Collège de France. His research interests are on the anthropology of knowledge systems and symbolic ritual through the study of body representation anthropology. His main research is on cognitive modalities linked to the process of anthropomorphism that are an alternative to animism and perspectivism as to the constitution of beliefs and ritual Amerindian practices.

Working since 1988 in the Caquetá -Putumayo region of Colombia with Bora- ​​Miraña and in northwest Amazonia and the public on this issue in 2005 : La Raison du corps. Idéologie représentations du corps et de l’environnement d’ chez les Miraña Amazonie colombienne . He has published several articles on Amerindian iconography, ethno – and archaeo- astronomy and has a research seminar on this topic at the EHESS – Paris . He is co -editor of Masques des Hommes , Visages des Dieux : regards d’ Amazonia (2011 ) investigating the issue of masks among Amazonian ethnic groups .

Dimitri Karadimas

Dimitri Karadimas



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