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Dolors Planas


Department of Biological Sciences, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
Group for interuniversity research in limnology and aquatic environments (GRIL)
Research Centre in Geochemistry and Geodynamics (GEOTOP)

The research occurring in my laboratory focuses on aquatic ecosystems. Our main objectives are to determine which abiotic factors control ecosystems processes such as lake metabolism; community and food web structure; and biodiversity in unperturbed and perturbed freshwater systems. Our recent studies have highlighted the relationship between watershed type (natural, forested, agricultural) and carbon (C), nutrient and contaminant fluxes in aquatic communities (primary producers and consumers). In addition, we have developed a conceptual bi-dimensional model explaining the accumulation of contaminants in fish.

This model integrates both the horizontal reliance of littoral and pelagic C-cycling and the vertical trophic position of fish across ontogeny and lake morphometry. Recently, in collaboration with UNNE & UNLP (Argentina) we investigated the main aquatic habitats and their connectivity in the second largest South American wetland “Los Esteros del Ibera”. The aim was to predict the consequences of: anthropogenic wetland disturbances (eco-tourism development and pollution), that could potentially modify fish diversity via changes in food quality and quantity; and global warming, that could change hydrological connections among systems. In some projects we collaborated with the Canadian First Nations, lakes and watershed community associations, stakeholders and policy markers (e.g. NSERC-Sustainable Forest Management Network, NSERC-Collaborative Mercury Research Network).

Dolors Planas & Dara Entekhabi

Dolors Planas & Dara Entekhabi



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