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Laurence Maurice


Laurence Maurice, 48, Research Director at the IRD, French Research Institute for the Development, member of the GET laboratory (Geosciences, Environment, Toulouse) since 2001, she is the manager of the team “Interactions between metallic contamination and ecosystems: interfaces with health and society”. She worked abroad for ten years with universities and institutions in South America (Bolivia & Brazil mainly) on a large project: HyBAm (Hydrogeochemistry of the Amazon basin), now labelled ORE “Environment Regional Observatory”.

She is now coordinator of the ANR-CESA RIMNES Project : “Mercury Isotope Fractionation and Notch/apoptosis biomarkers: new tracers linking Environment and Health” and she is also in charge of the coordination of the Franco-Ecuadorian Research Project titled MONOIL “Monitoreo ambiental, salud, sociedad y petroleo en Ecuador” funded by the French ANR and IRD, and in Ecuador by the SENESCYT. Publications: 82 Articles; 715 Citations (h-index: 13); 3 book chapters + 1 book Ed. 34 Int. conferences (oral session). Last most relevant articles: (1) Laffont L., Maurice L., Amouroux D., Navarro P., Monperrus M., Sonke J.E. and Behra P. 2013. Mercury speciation analysis in human hair by double species-specific isotope dilution using GC-ICP-MS. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 405(9), 3001-3010; (2) Laffont L., J.E. Sonke, L. Maurice, S. Luna-Monroy, J. Chincherros, D. Amouroux et P. Behra, 2011.

Hg isotope signatures of human hair: a comparative study between fish-eating people and gold-miners in Bolivia. Env Sci.& Technol., 45 (23), pp 9910–9916; (3) Laffont L., Sonke J. E., Maurice L., Baccareza Y. S., Behra P. Hg stable isotopes in human hair as a tracer for dietary Hg exposure. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2010, 74 (12), p. A554-A554. ISSN 0016-7037.

Laurence Maurice



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