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Marc Lucotte


Institute of Environmental Sciences and GEOTOP
University of Québec at Montréal, Canada

My research activities benefits from the synergy of two complementary axes: 1) a “vertical” one aiming at understanding the biogeochemical cycles of specific organic compounds (ligneous compounds, sugars) and pollutants (heavy metals, organophosphorus pesticides) in contrasted environments, and 2) an “horizontal” axis integrating that knowledge to the understanding of the dynamics of complex environmental issues.

I have been particularly active at putting up ambitious interdisciplinary research programs pertaining issues of socio-economic concern. In these projects, I devote a significant part of my energies at bringing together stakeholders from various sectors, civil society, political decision makers and scientists. I am presently co-leading the PLUPH participatory research project in the Amazon (“Poor Land Use, Poor Health”) aiming at reducing mercury exposure and conditions of prevalence of the Chagas disease of the local communities.

In this project, we use the alteration of human health status following the misuse of the ecosystems, most particularly so the forest ecosystems, as a central pretext to implement effective changes towards more sustainable managements of natural ecosystems. I am also presently leading the NSERC strategic project SABRE, testing the efficiency of energetic riparian strips to reduce chemical fertilizers and pesticide lixiviation from soy and corn fields to nearby streams.





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