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Pablo Jarrín


I have a Ph. D. and M. A. in Ecology Behavior and Evolution at Boston University. My scientific interests include 1) the evolutionary aspects of size and shape in Neotropical bats and other mammals, 2) how humans are cognitively constrained when classifying and delimiting species as evolving entities, and how this has consequences for systematics as a scientific discipline, 3) the history, politics, development and ecological fate of the Amazon, and 4) the molecular applications of microorganisms and bio-molecules to new frontiers of industry and technology.

 I have been the executive scientific director of a research station in the Ecuadorian Amazon, as well as to an international NGO dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity. I like to write popular science articles and other essays discussing the role that reason must play in all aspects of human society I have also worked for the past 6 years as a university professor in areas related to biotechnology, statistics and evolution.

Pablo Jarrín - Universidad SEK



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