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Renzo S. DUIN


Renzo S. DUIN (Ph.D. 2009) is trained at the four-field Anthropology Department of the University of Florida and has a research interest in the deep-history of Amazonian landscapes, particularly in Guiana (Brazil north of the Amazon, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, and Venezuela east of the Orinoco). Since 1996, Dr. Duin explores the entanglement of things, places, and people of the Upper Maroni Basin (Suriname, French Guiana, Brazil), and how the materiality of performance contributes to self-identification and the legitimization of power.

He is the PI of the research project Beauty and the Feast (2010-2014) funded by the Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO-VENI), aimed at gaining insight in the materialization of ritual performance and the role thereof in the socio-political landscapes of indigenous Amazonian Tropical Forest Cultures of the Upper Maroni Basin. Duin’s multi-disciplinary (anthropology, history, archaeology), multi-scalar (local, regional, global), multi-focal (backdrop, foregrounding), and multi-vocal (humanities, natural science, and indigenous knowledge), approach is developing into two interconnected axis of research; one focused on the (dis)continuities and transformation of Guiana identities, and the second focused on the interrelationships between indigenous peoples and places of rich biodiversity. Both axis of research interconnect at the level of the historical ecology of cultural landscapes.

 Renzo S. DUIN

Renzo S. DUIN



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